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London Eye

Fun had by all on the London Eye

Quote from Margaret - "My favouritie part was the London Eye because I felt high and important as well as seeing all the famous landmarks."

Quote from Amy - "The London Eye was good because you could see all the lights glowing in the dark."

London Eye

Postcard from Rebecca to School

Today we went ot the London Eye and I was scared because it was so high.  When we did the 4D version it was so cool had fake snow, it almost seemed real.  When we went in the pod thing and it was still moving when we stepped into it.  It made me a bit weird because it was over the river Thames.  When we got to the top it was alright and when we went to the end I wanted to do it again.

Best wishes


Visit to the British Museum

This is the Tree of Life in the African Exhibition in the British Museum.  It was made from some of the weapons that were handed over in exchange for tractors and other essential tools after the Mozambique civil war.