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Our Trip to Delaware - by Class 2

On Tuesday 2nd May, Class 2 (who were extremely excited) went to Delaware to participate in rock climbing and canoeing.

Firstly, we met Phil who took us up to where we were doing rock climbing; he introduced us to Chris and Dave; then he explained to us how to put on the harness.

He also told us how to put on a helmet. Putting it on was difficult, however by using team work we did it.

After that, Phil demonstrated how to carefully descend the wall. Then the fun began!

Once we had finished listening to the safety talk, we split into three groups and the first three people were clipped to a safety harness, ready to start climbing.

It was fantastic!

Even though some people were scared at first, they overcame their fear and climbed the wall.

There were many challenging walls: smaller hand/foot holds, ones with ledges and steep slopes.

After lunch, we ventured down to a lake at Kit Hill. We followed safety rules by wearing waterproofs and buoyancy aids and were shown how to hold a paddle correctly.

Finally it was time to get into a Canadian Canoe – a four-man canoe. When we were launched, Phil told us where to paddle; he also showed us how to turn left and right. 

The first game we played was ‘fruit salad’ – the canoes were tied together, each person was assigned a fruit and if he called your fruit then the first time you’d have to stand up. The second time, you’d have to stand on the seat, the third time you would have to jump up and finally you would swap places with someone in another canoe. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

Then we did a ‘Mexican Wave’ in the canoes. That involved us jumping up and doing a wave in order. Some people felt scared with all the jumping, however most of us enjoyed the rocking.

Phil also taught us how to manoeuvre the canoe sideways. You have to sit sideways in the canoe and then drag the paddle towards you.

Overall we had a fantastic day where we learnt a lot of new skills.