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A Visit from the RNLI

On Thursday 20th April, Trewidland Primary School had some special visitors – lifeguards from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). They came to tell us how to stay safe this summer season on the beach.

The first part was showing us what uniform a lifeguard wears, in case you want to find them. To demonstrate this they dressed up Izaac. He wore: a yellow t-shirt, red shorts, sunglasses, a hat and a bag around his waist (which included basic first aid).

They then explained what the different types of flags used on the beach meant. It is important that everyone knows their meaning.

RED – DANGER! No swimming (get out of the water if you are in it)

BLACK AND WHITE CHECK – only kayakers and surfers to use the water between these flags – no swimming

RED AND YELLOW – safe area to swim and body board. Life guards are in this area.

ORANGE WIND SOCK – it will say no inflatables because the wind is too strong. (It shows where the wind is blowing.)

The lifeguards explained the types of vehicles which they have; they use quad bikes and 4x4 on the beach and smaller boats, equipped with first aid, to help people in trouble. The big lifeboats are for helping other boats in difficulty out at sea. They explained that it costs a lot of money to pay for the fuel.

The RNLI is funded by donations from people who kindly fund-raise for them. Lifeguards, which we find on the beach, are paid because it is a full time job making sure people are safe in the sea. However, people who man the lifeboats are volunteers.

We were told that Seaton beach is going to have lifeguards this year for the first time. This is really good news as so many of us enjoy this wonderful beach.

Overall, we enjoyed learning about how to stay safe on the beach and we’d like to thank the life guards for coming to share their knowledge.


By Class 2