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Spellings for Year 2

At the end of year 2, can you spell these words?



Regular Spellings



Can’t, won’t, didn’t, couldn’t, it’s, I’ll

the girl’s, the boy’s, Katie’s, Ahmed’s, the child’s, the man’s



Common Exception Words



door, floor, poor, because, find, kind, mind, behind, child, children

wild, climb, most, only, both, old, cold, gold, hold, told, every

 everybody, even, great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful, after, fast

 last, past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath, hour, move

 prove, improve, sure, sugar, eye, could, should, would, who

 whole, any, many, clothes, busy, people, water, again, half

 money, Mr, Mrs, parents, Christmas